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on academic collaborations was held at Marigold Hotel (5-Star) and Green Park Hotel (4-Star), Hyderabad, India from November 20th to 24th, 2014 - Click Here for More Details

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Dear Learners/Students,

Hyderabad Educational & Research Centre is an Academically Independent, un aided, autonomous organisation in the field of education, formally registered by Government as 1787/2004 and aims for the expansion and promotion of education through new Research Methodology in the various fields of Education and also for democratising Higher Education by providing it to one and all, irrespective of Caste, Age, Sex and Territory to make them elegible to compete with the International standards of education.

Haseen Fatima, Director

Anti-Ragging Initiatives

HYDERC has enforced measures for preventing and taking action against ragging.
All students and their parents at the time of admission have to sign an affidavit in the form prescribed.
Counseling and sensitization of senior students against ragging by the branch in charge personally.
Severe legal action against the erring students including lodging of FIR.

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Dear Students/Learners

In our country, very often it is observed that students discontinue their studies under various circumstances such as family responsibilities, financial constraints or illness which force students to quit their education and to get involved in their personal responsibilities and education just becomes a part of their past. We are providing an opportunity to such students to resume their studies in their respective fields by joining the Educational Programmes at all levels of the study through “Lateral Entry Admission” and save their time and duration by studying the Programme in fast track and appearing for examinations in one sitting, which can be utilised by the students to build their career and achieve their goals. Students from all over the Country can avail this opportunity by studying our various Educational Programmes while continuing with their personal and professional responsibilities.


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